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The SQUIDLING BROTHERS are a collective of circus freakshow

circus sideshow

performers based out of Philadelphia, founded by JELLY BOY

(clown of danger and science) & MATTERZ SQUIDLING (the

impenetrable music man). Combining their feats of wonder, skill,

and comedy, the show gives audiences a fast-paced, high-risk,

unforgettable experience. Taking from the American Carnival and

Theatre of the Absurd traditions, The Squidling Brothers have

mutated the classic and the modern to create a style all their own.

Since hitting the road in 2008, they have toured continuously

coast to coast in the United States and overseas to countries such

as: Holland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden,

England, Ireland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic,

Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Israel, and Japan.

They have headlined the Coney Island Rockabilly Festival,

performed at Theatre Bizarre (the largest Halloween party in

North America), Lagunitas Brewing Company’s Beer Circus in

Chicago, and Sadistic Circus in Toyko, Japan. Over the years they

have shared the stage with rock bands Primus and the Exploited;

as well as traveled with the Swing Shift Sideshow out of Las Vegas

and Pain Solution from Norway.

Various Squidlings have also been featured on television

programs such as AMC’s Freakshow Season 2, Oddities San

Francisco, America’s Got Talent, and recently on the big screen

breathing fire in the Rocky film “Creed”. They have appeared on

the national news in Holland for the world famous Hanky Panky

Tattoo Museum and on various local news programs all around

the world.

Off the stage the Squidling Brothers have produced and released

a sideshow horror film (Freakshow Apocalypse), a documentary

about Jelly Boy’s return to the stage after being rescued from a

house fire (A Clown’s Recovery), and are currently working on a

five part film series of their Philadelphia based Carnivolution (a

story-driven stage show combining circus acts, puppets, and


Some of the things you’ll see in the show are glass walking, the

bed of nails, feats of strength, sword swallowing, live music,

sketch comedy, and the mystery of electricity. When the venue

allows, aerial acrobatics and fire performances add to the

spectacle. As a large collective of performers, the Squidling

Brothers Circus Sideshow can be hired individually or as a group,

depending on the desires of the event.

Squidling Promo

Watch The Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow in Action

Fire Promo

A Clown’s Recovery


Matthew Broomfield

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